Critical Emergency Information

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions in Effect in Routt County

Read the press release here.

Restrictions include:

 1. All open fires and campfires are prohibited except petroleum-fueled stoves, lanterns, and heating devices that are underwriter approved. NOTE: Any permit issued by a fire protection district, the Routt County Sheriff’s Office, or the Routt County Office of Emergency Management prior to this Declaration is rescinded unless resubmitted and approved by the appropriate authority as identified in paragraph 1 of the Exemptions section of this fire restriction notice, or until these restrictions are lifted by the Routt County Board of County Commissioners.
2. Smoking is restricted to enclosed vehicles and buildings.
3. All chainsaws and other internal combustion engines, including motorcycles and ATVs, must have spark-arresting devices that are properly installed and in working order.
4. Use of fireworks of any variety.
5. Use of explosives.
6. Outdoor use of welding and cutting torch devices.
7. Use of tracer rounds or incendiary targets for all shooting activities in the county.
8. Individual agencies (such as fire protection districts, or state or federal organizations) may further restrict commercial activities not included in this Declaration such as construction, logging, or oil and gas operations.

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