***SCAM ALERT*** Press Release
** Beginning September 24, 2018 the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has contracted out civil fingerprints.  All law enforcement agencies in Colorado will ONLY be able to do criminal prints (including court ordered) and concealed weapons prints.
ALL other prints will need to be scheduled through a contracted CBI vendor.  

Current approved vendor: 


              Appointment Scheduling Website:
              Call Center: 844.539.5539 (toll free)
              IdentoGO CABS Information Website:

Instructions for Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) required by Employers and for personal background checks.

Helpful information at Colorado Bureau of Investigation's website:

Program Overview

Applicants will be required to pre-enroll and schedule an appointment to have their fingerprints taken and submitted electronically to CBI for processing utilizing the IdentoGO enrollment site.  To better serve all Colorado citizens, enrollment sites have been strategically placed throughout Colorado. 

In the event an applicant resides outside of Colorado or is physically unable to visit an enrollment location, they will submit their fingerprints to our vendor for cardscan conversion processing.  This process will convert physical fingerprint cards to allow these submissions to be processed electronically utilizing the CABS program. 

Additional Information

  • Fingerprint Reject                                                                                                                        In rare instances, fingerprints are rejected for print quality, IdentoGo services will automatically notify the applicant via their preferred method of contact (email or phone) with automated links to reschedule an appointment at no charge.
  • Submission of physical paper cards
    • Per CBI policy as of November 1, 2018, physical cards will no longer be accepted or processed.    All physical cards received by CBI on or after this date will be returned to the applicant and will be instructed to complete the cardscan process detailed below.
  • Service Code
    • Required to begin pre-enrollment process.
    • Service codes are unique and contain information specific to reason fingerprinted, SDDS account, fee, and other unique data elements.  Use of these service codes are intended to virtually eliminate the issues previously encountered when an applicant has to choose various options on their own. 
    • Licensing agency/employers were given their applicable service codes by IdentoGO prior to September 24, 2018.
    • If your agency was not provided with your applicable service code(s), please visit the CBI website (see detailed instructions below).
  • Processing Time
    • Typically less than 24 hours.
  • Fingerprint Results
    • No changes have been made to this process.  Entities will continue to log into their SDDS account to view results.
    • Agencies who currently do not have an account setup with CBI and will be requiring applicants on a continual basis to be fingerprinted will be required to setup an account with CBI prior to having their first applicant printed.  This process is necessary in order to receive your service code as well as to secure an account in the SDDS so that you may access the results.
    • If you are an individual who is being printed for a non-legislated statutory requirement and do not have an account established with CBI, results will be mailed to the address specified during enrollment.
    • Agencies that are not already established with CBI will need to contact CBI prior to their applicants being fingerprinted.
  • Billing
    • If your agencies applicants are required to utilize the CABS program, CBI will no longer be invoicing you directly.  Payment to cover CBI/FBI processing as well as the fingerprint rolling fee will be collected by IdentoGO.  If interested, IdentoGO does provide the option for an agency to setup a billing account (see detailed information below).
  • Who is required to utilize the CABS program ?
    • Applicant fingerprints only.

**Parole/Probation/Offender Registrations/Concealed Weapon/Court order prints will continue to be handled by the Law Enforcement Entity

  • Licensing requirements supported by state statute
  • Visa
  • Public
  • Local ordinance licensing

IdentoGO Enrollment Center Process

The steps below summarize the IdentoGo electronic enrollment process:

  • Licensing agency or employer provides the Service Code to the applicant.  Service Code links are also available by going to the following link on the CBI website
  • Applicant visits the IdentoGo enrollment/scheduling website or contacts their toll-free call center at (844) 539-5539, provides their Service Code to complete pre-enrollment and schedules an appointment.
  • IdentoGo website or customer service representative will provide the applicant with the directions to the enrollment center, notification of specific photo ID requirements, and an email confirmation summarizing all appointment specifics.
  • During the enrollment appointment at the IdentoGo Enrollment Center, enrollment technician will perform ID verification, fingerprint, photo and signature capture, in compliance with CBI and FBI requirements.
  • All fee’s including CBI, FBI if applicable, and enrollment fee will be collected by the enrollment agent from the applicant via credit/debit, money order/business check.  Other payment options include Agency billing account or employer paid via UEP coupon codes (credit card backed one-time use codes). 
  • Applicant will be provided a system generated receipt including transaction details as well as a link to the IdentoGo website to check status.  Applicants will also be able to check status by contacting their call center and providing the transactions details located on the receipt.
  • Fingerprint submission will be processed by CBI and results will be posted via CBI’s Secure Document Delivery System (SDDS) to the employing/licensing agency.  If submitted by an individual without an associated account established with CBI,  CBI will print out results and mail to the address provided by individual during the preenrollment process.

IdentoGO Cardscan Process

The steps below summarize the IdentoGo cardscan process:

  • Obtain fingerprints on FBI (FD-258) fingerprint card and complete personal information fields on fingerprint card.
  • Pre-enroll for cardscan submission at  All processing fees will be collected during the pre-enrollment process.  A pre-enrollment confirmation page will be provided once registration is complete.
  • Print and sign the completed pre-enrollment confirmation page, which includes the barcode printed on the top right of the page.  Mail the signed pre-enrollment confirmation page and the completed fingerprint card to the mailing address provided on the confirmation page printed during the pre-enrollment process.

CBI’s Website

Helpful information provided on CBI’s website is detailed below:

  • Web address is:

  • IdentoGo website links
  • IdentoGo toll free phone number
  • Instruction and informational links based on reason fingerprint types
    • Utilizing the list provided, locate the reason you are required to begin the fingerprint process
    • Click on either the plus sign icon or the reason fingerprint literal
    • Information page will populate with the required Service Code needed to begin the pre-enrollment process.
    • Clicking on the reason fingerprinted literal in blue font, will re-direct the applicant to the IdentoGo pre-enrollment site.  **This approach is recommended, applicant is directed to the site and the code is already prepopulated for them to automatically begin the pre-enrollment process**

IdentoGo’s Website

Helpful information provided on Identogo’s website is detailed below:

  • Information website:

  • IdentoGo Center locater
  • Services provided based on state

-Click on Down arrow and chose “Colorado” and then click the “GO” button -Colorado Information and Services Provided page will appear with information       item links on “Cabs Service Summary”, “Colorado Location Listings”, “CABS Frequently Asked Questions”, and “Out of State Paper Card Submission Process”.

  • No Charge Authorization (NCAC) re-order form (account pre-payment option)

-located at the “Download Forms and Links” section ? Enrollment (Electronic and Cardscan) website:

  • In order to start the process from here, the applicant needs to be able to populate their service code which should have been provided to them by their licensing agency or employer.
  • Check the status of your service
  • Manage an existing appointment
  • Synopsis of additional services that the vendor has available ? FAQ website:

Payment Options

IdentoGo offers the following payment options:

  • No Charge Authorization Codes “NCAC”
    • Allows an account to be established backed by a major credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX).
    • Credit card is only charged when one of your applicants is fingerprinted and an “NCAC” is redeemed.
    • During enrollment, applicant selects “NCAC” payment method and then is prompted to enter the NCAC assigned by your account.
    • NCAC’s will expire 6 months from date of issuance or at the credit card expiration date, whichever comes first.  Note:  Expired NCACS will not be charged to your credit card.
    • A minimum of 50 NCAC codes per service type must be requested at any one time.
    • Only one account per tax ID number.
    • A NCAC Agreement, Credit Card Authorization and Customer Account Information forms must be completed and returned to IdentoGO’s billing department via fax at 615-871-0845.
    • Email address required.  This is the mechanism used to send your NCAC’s.
    • Setup process typically takes 3-5 business days for processing.
    • 9 digit Federal tax ID or EIN number will be the identifier for your account, along with an account name.  Assigned primary contact must provide this information when requesting additional NCACs.
    • Additional NCAC’s may be requested by submitting a re-order form, located at the “Download Forms and Links” section at the following website,, select your state.  Re-order forms must then be submitted by email to:
  • Credit Card onsite (Card holder must be present).
  • Money Order, Cashier’s Check or Business Check per individual fingerprinting applicant.