Pay Property Tax Online

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Online Payments

Payments may be made by one of the following methods:
* a draw from your checking or savings account ("eCheck")
* by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover)

Your property tax payment is a one-time, non-recurring payment. It will be recorded as paid on the date submitted but it may not be reflected in your bank or credit card account for 1-2 business days and may not be posted to the property tax record for 2-4 business days. 

Any payment submitted with a payment date that is past its due date will be canceled or returned to you.

* If this payment is being made as a draw from your checking or savings account, it can be rejected by your financial institution even after the payment process is completed on the following payment page. Please monitor your account for the next few days to ensure that the funds are withdrawn.
* If the payment is returned unpaid by your bank, financial institution, or credit card provider for any reason, you may be assessed applicable late or administrative fees as well as any other applicable handling fees. All charges and terms and conditions are subject to change.
* Refunds of overpayments and/or duplicate payments may be made by issuing physical checks. It is necessary to specify the account holder name - or credit card holder name - and address correctly when making the payment in order to receive refunds.

Fees for Online Payment
* eCheck - an additional charge of $1.00 will be applied to eCheck payments. FREE of Charge!!  (as of 2020 the Treasurer's Office will be paying this fee)
* Credit or debit card - a convenience fee of 2.5 percent ($2.00 minimum processing fee) will be charged in addition to the tax amount

NOTE: The convenience fee is collected and retained by the payment processor and will show as a separate line item on your card statement.

Due Dates
Please note tax payments must be submitted prior to 10pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) on or before:
* February 28, 2021 for first half payments
* April 30, 2021 for full payments
* June 15, 2021 for 2nd half payments

If you have any questions regarding your property taxes or need assistance making a payment online please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 970-870-5555.