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Routt County, Colorado
P.O. Box 773598
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
Ph: (970) 879-0108
Fx: (970) 879-3992

Pending Applications
Application Submittals
The following applications, as submitted by the petitioner, are pending review by the Planning Department, Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, and/or Board of County Commissioners:

PV2014-001: Rowse Setback Variance
Application for a variance for existing structures constructed within building setback.
Staff contact: Alan Goldich
Board of Adjustment:  November 10, 2014 (tabled from October 13, 2014)
PP2014-049: Appeal of PP2014-013 for Steamboat Zipline Adventures CUP
Application for a Conditional Use Permit for a Zipline course (PP2014-013)
Appeal application
Staff contact: Chris Brookshire
Board of County Commissioners: November 25, 2014 at 1:30 pm (tabled from October 28, 2014)
PP2014-055: Hahn's Peak Roadhouse

Administrative renewal and replacement for PP2012-038 for snowcat and snowmobile tours at Hahns Peak Roadhouse.
Staff contact:  Alan Goldich
Director decision:  November 12, 2014
PV2014-002: James Variance
Variance to allow setback encroachment.
Staff contact:  Alan Goldich
Board of Adjustment hearing:  December 8, 2014
PP2014-061: Twentymile Coal
Administrative Amendment to the Foidel Creek Mine SUP for a Cement Borehole
Staff Contact: Alan Goldich
Director Decision: November 21, 2014
PP2014-009: Rogue Resources
Permit Enforcement hearing for Special Use Permit PP2009-003
Staff contact: Alan Goldich
Board of County Commissioners: December 9, 2014 at 1:30 pm
PP2014-068: Bonn Log Storage
Conditional Use Permit to allow log storage.
Staff contact:  Watkins Fulk-Gray
Planning Commission:  December 18, 2014
PP2014-066: Twin Landfill
Administrative Amendment to the site plan of SUP PP2013-039
Staff Contact: Alan Goldich
Director Decision: December 11, 2014

Staff Reports
View available Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners, and Board of Adjustment packets.

Hearing Notices
View all notices for upcoming public hearings.

Public Comment
Public comment is welcome on all pending applications by contacting the staff planner noted above. Comment is also taken at all Planning Commission, Board of County Commissioners, and Board of Adjustment meetings. View upcoming agendas for specific meeting dates and times.

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