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The Assessor will be offering training on the new website to R.E. offices and Title Companies, in person at your office, or if you prefer, a zoom meeting can be performed as well; just contact our office to arrange the training session. Individuals having any problems accessing the site or finding the information you are looking for, please contact the Assessor’s Office directly at (970) 870-5544.

Property Portal 

Property Portal serves as the property search engine for the assessor records on each property. It consolidates the county’s parcel map and property details into a single place offering ‘one stop shop’ access for staff and citizens alike.  The assessor data is compiled into an electronic Property Record Card; the PRC includes the property Inventory (Building & Land attributes), sales history, mill levy breakdown, prior years assessment information, past Notices of Valuation and more, all in one place.  The searching capabilities are dynamic and offer a simple single search field that just about anything can be entered from a PIN# to an address, name, subdivision, etc.  The results can be displayed in a list format, thumbnails, or on a map –instantly. More advanced searching of criteria can also be accomplished – searching by a property’s use or type (Live/work unit) sale date range, acres, etc. 

Community module

Community is a dashboard of information designed to enhance civic engagement and empower citizens. Community Shares, Engages, Empowers, allowing for the public to Analyzes & Visualizes information from a geographical perspective.  There is access to recent sales, building permits issued, census data, assessment values & sales price trends.  All viewed from a spatial platform of GIS mapping that easily zooms in and out while almost instantly updating the statistics and summary charts to what is shown on the map zoom level.



The primary duty of the assessor is to discover, list, classify, and value all real property and taxable personal property located within the county, pursuant to Article X, Section 3 of the Colorado Constitution, for property tax assessment purposes. 

Administrative Staff

The administrative staff is responsible for recording all property transfer documents, new plats, and subdivisions and making subsequent changes in all ownership records, including computer records, geographic parcel information maps, property record cards, and other record sources as necessary. The staff also provides public information, generates reports, certifies values to taxing entities, prepares the abstract report, and delivers the tax roll to the treasurer.

Appraisal Staff

The appraisal staff is responsible for discovering, inspecting, inventorying, and valuing all real property and taxable personal property within Routt County based upon a two-year reappraisal cycle. Valuation methods include the cost, income, and/or market approaches to value and all valuations adhere uniform standards of professional appraisal practices. All valuation is subject to strict audit requirements set by the State of Colorado, according to state statute. Values are also scrutinized by property owners who can challenge the conclusions of the appraisers through an appeal process.