Routt County Regional Building Department

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Mission Statement

Routt County Regional Building Department is entrusted with the responsibility to promote code awareness and expertise, assuring building safety and code compliance for the residents and guests of Routt County. The Routt County Building Department provides full services to all of Routt County including; Rural Routt County, City of Steamboat Springs, Town of Hayden, Town of Oak Creek, Town of Yampa, and our Routt County School Districts. 

Geothermal Heat Pump Training and CityView Training February 13th, 2024

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Community Development Newsletter Information: The Building Department provides updates, news releases, permit reports, and other critical information on a Bi-Weekly basis to our community, contractors, and design professionals. Please take time to sign up to recieve these emails by clicking the link provided here: Click Here to Sign UP!

Routt County Core Values 

Trust-Integrity-Effectiveness-Efficiency-Fiscal Responsibility

Building Department Top Three Priorities

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service through all of the programs and services we provide the public. Exceptional Service is accomplished by viewing our regulations as a product or service offered to the public versus mandated, like any other private business would view their products and services. This mindset provides us with the motivation to constantly improve through encouraging and accepting all types of  feedback from our customers to maintain or exceed the publics perception and expectation of Government Services. 
  • Accuracy & Consistency: Accuracy and Consistency is extremely crucial to our success as well as your successes in designing and constructing in the field. Our goal is to apply our Codes and Regulations accurately and consistently among our Departments and Staff on a daily basis to avoid conflicts during the review or construction. Avoiding conflict and discrepancy creates positive working relationships which ultimately saves time and money on design and construction. Codes were written to be black and white, however it takes clarity and consistency on our part to ensure the public understands the intent of the code when designing and constructing, this is our version of quality.
  • Outreach & Education: Codes and Regulations can be extremely complex and difficult to understand even for the most experienced professionals, but most certainly for the public. Outreach and Education is a dedicated program within our Department which we believe is the most important service we provide. Our goal is to keep the public and our professionals well informed and educated by taking time to offer support and encouraging the public and professionals to ask questions, request preliminary meetings in advance of starting design work to effectively collaborate in advance of application submittals to work through difficult code related questions. Our monthly Newsletter and Permit Reports provide both transparency and education and updates to the public and our professionals, providing effective communication between all of us to help save time, money, and avoid conflicts during plan reviews and construction.  

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