Renewing a vehicle registered in Colorado

Please note that the timely renewal of your registration is still your responsibility!

  • Courtesy renewal forms are mailed out the first business day of the renewal month
  • Make sure you still own this vehicle
  • Include proof of insurance if it is noted on your post card renewal notice
  • Provide us with your new physical and mailing addresses if they have changed
  • Your new stickers will be mailed to you within one week of receipt of your check
  • If you moved to another county, contact that county for your renewal fee
  • Make your check payable to Routt County Clerk and reference your license plate(s) number on the check
  • Late charge assessed on renewals received after 30 day grace period
  • State law requires vehicles to be currently registered whether the vehicle is used or not

Renewing online

You can renew vehicle registration online on the State of Colorado's website.