Tom Effinger
Tom was elected as Routt County Surveyor in November 2014
and sworn into office on January 13, 2015.

The Routt County Surveyor's duties by law in Colorado are:

(a) To represent the county in boundary disputes pursuant to sections
30-6-110 and 30-10-906;
(b) To notify the county attorney of any unsettled boundary disputes or boundary discrepancies within the county which may come to his attention;
(c) To file in the office of the county surveyor, or in the office of the county clerk and recorder if there is no office for the county surveyor in the county, all surveys, field notes, calculations, maps and any other records pertaining to work authorized and financed by the board of county commissioners.

All surveys made by the county surveyor or his deputies shall be numbered consecutively by the county surveyor, and all field notes and calculations pertaining to such surveys shall be endorsed by the county surveyor with the number of the survey to which they pertain.

The County Surveyor may, when authorized by the Board of County Commissioners:

(a) Conduct surveys to establish the boundaries of county property, including road rights-of-way, or any other surveys necessary to the county;
(b) Accept for filing maps of surveys that establish monuments and keep a current record of all survey monuments within the county;
(c) Examine all survey maps and plats before they are recorded by the county clerk and recorder to insure proper content and form;
(d) Conduct geogetic control surveys, vertical control surveys, or any surveys for the purpose of geographic information systems;
(e) Conduct or supervise construction surveys necessary to the county; and
(f) Provide reference monuments for or the remonumentation of monument upgrades of public land survey system monuments that are destroyed by county construction or other functions.

The Land Survey Plat Deposit Law

The Routt County Surveyor is responsible to index and file all plats deposited by surveyors with the County in accordance with Colorado law, and pursuant to C.R.S. § 30-50-101 (2) (a) (I).
The indexed plats are retained by the Routt County Clerk and Recorder and are frequently used as a resource and reference by surveyors doing business in Routt County.

To obtain a copy of a plat or view a plat in the office, please contact the County Clerks office at:
(970) 870-5556 or visit the office at 522 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The Land Survey Plat Index is available at the Routt County web site “Records Search”.

Land Surveyor’s Deposit Rules

The fee to deposit a plat is $20.00 for the first page and $10 per page after. The plat must meet the requirements of C.R.S § 30-50-101.

Plats can be mailed to the Routt County Surveyor at PO Box 773598, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477 or dropped off in the office of the Routt County Surveyor in the Building Department on the 2nd floor of the Court House at 136 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs.

Payment by check or account must accompany the plat.

The following statement must be on the plat: This Plat was (filed and) indexed as File No. SP_______ on __________________, 20__, at _______ __m. in the land survey plat records file and index system maintained in the office of the Routt County Clerk and Recorder pursuant to C.R.S. 38-50-101. Routt County Surveyor ________________________ Thomas H. Effinger Jr. LS 17651