How To Apply For A Permit

Online Permit Application Process
​Routt County Regional Building Department uses CityView Permitting software for all permit applications and plan submittals. Applicants must create an account on View Point prior to submitting a permit application.
​Apply for a Permit now by going back to our home page and clicking "Apply for A Permit"

Plan Submittal Requirements
​All plans must be submitted electronically, the Routt County Building Department will not accept paper copies of drawings. We can scan up to 11 x 17 size drawings in our office to assist you in converting paper copies to an electronic file. Applicants are responsible for converting all drawings larger than 11 x 17 to an electronic file prior to application submittal.

​​In-Person Permit Applications
​Routt County Regional Building Department will offer assistance to those who do not feel comfortable using a computer to submit a permit application. Staff will provide assistance in entering the required permit information over the counter. Applicant must review the application upon completion and sign and date to verify all information entered is correct and valid. Applicants are responsible to have hard copies of any plans or drawings available during the application process. NOTE: Routt County Building Department can only scan up to 11 x 17 size paper, all other plans which are larger than this will be the responsibility of the applicant to have converted to an electronic file for submission.