Vendor Information

Routt County Accounts Payable can transmit your payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as part of our ongoing commitment to pay you promptly, conveniently, and securely. 

EFT payment allows funds to be transferred directly to your financial institution without the need for you to cash or deposit a printed check. 

To ensure secure and accurate transactions, we will take the added step to prenote your account. This process officially confirms the account and routing numbers are correct.  It also notifies the bank of the intention to begin using EFT. This process will generate one last printed check, and then you will start to receive EFT payments.  

Routt County will provide remittance information to you at the email address you provide on the EFT Authorization Form.

To begin using EFT, please complete these two easy steps:   

1. COMPLETE THE AUTHORIZATION FORM. This form allows Routt County to make EFT payments to your account.  

2. VERIFY WITH YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION THAT IT CAN ACCEPT EFT PAYMENTS.  Please verify this before returning the authorization form. 

We encourage you to begin using EFT payments and thank you in advance for your consideration. Email Staff the completed form or mail your EFT authorization form back to our Accounts Payable staff at: 136 6th Street, Suite 111, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487.

If you have any additional questions, please call (970) 870-5351 or Email Staff