Our Technology and Equipment

Routt County Emergency Communications Center
Interior view of Routt County Emergency Communications Center.
Interior view of Routt County Emergency Communications Center.
Systems Technology
NG911 Telephone SystemMotorola Solutions - CallWorks
Radio ConsoleMotorola Solutions - MCC7500
Computer Aided DispatchMotorola Solutions - Spillman FLEX
Logging RecorderDSS / Equature
Public Alert and WarningEverbridge
County-Owned Microwave Radio
Cielo Networks, Inc.

Radio System

Routt County's primary Public Safety Communications Platform is the State of Colorado 7/800 Mhz. Digital Trunked Radio System. Learn more at CCNC, Inc. This system provides a number of regional and local talkgroups and a plan that allows interoperability, resource and incident coordination between organizations.

Routt County also maintains a robust VHF system with both Fire and Law Enforcement repeaters at each communications site. The VHF system is our primary method for paging and alerting for Fire / EMS incident response.

Supplemental Notification System

Routt County utilizes the I am Responding emergency notification and response system to provide supplemental notifications to responders. The I am Responding system is locally connected to our CAD system. Notifications are based on CAD entry call type, response zone, etc.