Going Solar In Routt County

Going solar utilizes the free energy of the sun to lower home and business Solar install shot courtesy of Brightside Solar in Steamboat Springsenergy costs, reduce the use of fossil fuels, harness the latest technology and increase property values. Using solar creates more renewable energy jobs while also reducing pollution and our community’s carbon footprint. Solar-friendly communities such as Routt County may attract more environmentally engaged companies, employees and residents.  

Installing solar on your home, business or public building in Routt County means you will be in good company. In the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 49%. Thanks to strong federal policies such as the solar Investment Tax Credit, rapidly declining costs, and increasing demand across the private and public sector for clean electricity, there are more than 81 gigawatts of solar capacity installed nationwide as of summer 2020, enough to power 15.7 million homes.

Installing solar on your home in Routt County means you will join owners of more than 1.5 million residential solar systems in the U.S. as of summer 2020, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.  Installing solar at your workplace or building means you are following in the footsteps of respected local institutions such as the Bud Werner Memorial Library that installed a 11 KW solar array.