Found Property

Below is the list of found property currently being held at the Sheriff's Office.  If you believe one of these items may belong to you please contact the Evidence Division by calling 970-870-5508.

  • A man's ring was found in the area of Forest Service Roads 116 and 118 near Slater.  Please call to describe.
  • A credit card was found at the Upper Knoll Parking Lot.  Must provide complete number to claim
  • A cell phone was found on County Road 14
  • A bicycle was found on Highway 131 on 08/16/2021.  Please call to describe.
  • A bicycle was found at the Yampa River Nature Preserve in Hayden on 08/13/2021.  Please call to describe.
  • A smart watch was found at the Hyannis trailhead in Jackson County in July 2021
  • A firearm was found near the Hayden Shooting Range in December 2020