Delinquent Mobile/Manufactured Home Taxes

Property taxes officially become delinquent May 1st each year if not paid in full. If the half payment option is selected, the first half becomes delinquent March 1st and the second half becomes delinquent June 16th. Delinquent interest, advertising, and distraint fees are subject to collection once the taxes become delinquent. Since the amount due is dependent on the date paid, please review the important dates listed below.

Delinquent interest: MUST be included in the amount submitted for payment.

Beginning September 1st ALL payments MUST be made by CASH AND/OR CERTIFIED FUNDS.

Important Dates:


Manufactured homes will be advertised for the first time as required by Colorado Law in preparation for Tax Lien Sale adding an additional fees.

October 1st

Last day to pay manufactured home taxes to avoid distraint fee.

October 2nd

All manufactured homes are subject to distraint. A Distraint Warrant is placed on the home by the Manufactured Home Civil Deputy employed by the treasurer's office. Once this warrant is placed on the home, the home can not be moved or sold until the taxes are paid current.


There will be a second advertising of delinquent manufactured home taxes in preparation of Tax Lien Sale. This will add additional fees. 

October 28th

LAST DAY to pay taxes to avoid Tax Lien Sale

End of October:

All delinquent taxes will be sold at Tax Lien Sale. 

Please contact the Treasurer's Office at (970) 870-555 for further information and redemption figures.


What if I'm unable to pay my property taxes?

Any unpaid property taxes on the real estate will be subject to our annual Tax Lien Sale held at the end of October.