Communicable Diseases

Routt County Public Health is charged with tracking communicable diseases in our area. If you are concerned you have contracted a communicable disease please seek medical advice from your doctor or a medical provider in the area.

                   MPOX (MPV)

General Information 

  • Please click here to visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's (CDPHE) website for the most up to date information on mpox in Colorado. 

Vaccine Information

  • Some people who have been recently exposed to mpox, or at high risk for exposure, should get a free vaccine called Jynneos. The FDA has fully approved this vaccine. Call Routt County Public Health to schedule at (970) 870-5341. 
  • Getting vaccinated lowers your chance of getting mpox if you may have been exposed. The sooner an exposed person gets the vaccine, the better. The vaccine can also reduce the severity of your symptoms if you do get sick later on. People who already have symptoms of mpox (fever, rash, etc.) should not get vaccinated. 
  • The mpox vaccine is free for those who qualify. No ID or insurance is needed to get vaccinated. 
  • Who should get vaccinated:
    • Public health recommends vaccination for: 
      • Anyone who has had close physical contact with someone who has mpox in the last 14 days. 
      • Anyone who: 
        • Has multiple or anonymous sexual partners, or 
        • Has close physical contact with other people in a venue where anonymous or group sex may occur, or 
        • Was diagnosed with gonorrhea or syphilis in the past six months, or 
        • Is living with HIV, or 
        • Is immunocompromised and anticipates potential mpox exposure, or 
        • Already uses or is eligible for HIV PrEP (medication to prevent HIV, e.g. Truvada or Descovy or Apretude), or 
        • Has sex in exchange for money, shelter, food and other goods or needs. 
      • Anyone identified by public health as a known high-risk contact of someone who has mpox. 
      • Anyone whose sexual partner identifies with any of the above scenarios. 
      • Anyone who anticipates experiencing any of the above scenarios.
  • If you have questions about whether vaccination is right for you, talking with a health care provider can help you learn more. A conversation with a health care provider is not required to get vaccinated against mpox. 

Virus image COVID-19

  • Routt County Public Health continues to monitor COVID-19 transmission throughout our county. Please visit the COVID-19 tab here on our main website to access information on local testing, vaccination sites, and more.
  • CDC - National COVID-19 Information 

flu virusInfluenza

  • The flu season typically coincides with our peak ski season, meaning people congregating at restaurants, ski lodges and other public areas creates the opportunity for flu transmission. Residents should protect themselves with the flu vaccine and other common hygiene practices. 
  • CDC - National Influenza Information
  • CDPHE - Colorado Specific Flu Data and Information


Routt County residents live closely with wildlife, therefore there is a risk of contracting rabies. Rabies is rarely transmitted to humans but nearly all cases are fatal. If the transmission is suspected due to contact with wildlife or domestic animals, seek medical advice immediately. Treatment is available,                               but it needs to be started as soon as possible.  

23156West Nile Virus

  • Whether you are floating the Yampa River or working the fields, mosquitoes are around and can transmit West Nile Virus. According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado has had cases of West Nile virus every year since 2002. Routt County has seen few of those cases but neighboring counties have seen more. Protect yourself with mosquito repellent, and the four D's (Drain, Dress, Defend, Dawn/Dusk).  
  • CSU Extension Office - FAQ's
  • CDPHE - General Information


Cleaning out your ski cabin? Sprucing up your tack room? Cleaning out the attic? If mice can live there, so can the Hantavirus. Hantavirus is uncommonly transmitted to humans, but found in the Northwest Colorado Region. Few cases have been reported in Routt County since 1993. If you think there are mice droppings around, protect yourself by wearing gloves and a dust mask.

22513_loresOther Communicable Diseases

  • If Residents cannot find what they are looking for here, please go to the CDPHE site where you will find a complete list of all Colorado communicable diseases and information about them.

  • CDPHE - Disease Directory