Bonding for Title

Establishing Ownership via Surety Bond and In-Lieu-of-Bond

When to Bond for Title:

- Satisfactory ownership documents not available

- Ownership documents have errors that cannot be corrected and unable to obtain replacement

- Vehicle/trailer is obtained as part of property acquisition and no title is available

When Bonding is Not Applicable:

- Vehicle/trailer is abandoned on private property

Links to Bond Packets:

Please review the appropriate procedure and call our office for guidance prior to beginning.

- Applicant must have possession of the motor vehicle/trailer/manufactured home.

- Motor Vehicle/trailer/manufactured home must be physically located in Colorado.

 Vehicles/Trailers Over 2000lbs/Manufactured Homes Procedure

Trailers Under 2000lbs

Vehicles - 25 Years or Older

Manufactured Homes - 25 Years or Older