Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement informs, promotes, and engages residents and visitors about Routt County services, statistics, and future projects.  This office also serves as the public information office for the county. Inquiries about the County can be sent Amanda Shepherd via email..


Sending accurate and timely information to full-time and part-time residents and visitors is key to creating an engaged community.  Listed here are the opportunities for you to learn more about the County.


Routt County’s departments regularly conduct surveys and ask for community input.  Some of the current surveys are listed here.

Navigate Your Routt – Do you care about where affordable housing is placed? Whether Routt County should have a regional transportation plan? Or how much open land is protected?  Be sure to participate in the Master Plan Survey and sign up for the Master Plan monthly newsletter.


Routt County regularly collaborates with municipalities in the County on important projects. Read some of the projects here:

Climate Action Plan – Routt County, the City of Steamboat Springs and the towns of Hayden, Oak Creek and Yampa joined together to develop a climate action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Yampa Valley.

Climate Action Collaborative Team - The Routt County Climate Action Collaborative was developed to provide a collaboration and implementation framework for the CAP through regional decision making and alignment. Local government partners recognize the need and benefit to implement best practices to reduce GHG emissions and draw down carbon levels in the atmosphere at the local and regional level.