October 12, 2023

All hearings are open to the public unless otherwise noted. Hearings will be held in the Routt County Health and Human Services Building, 135 6th St, Steamboat Springs - or otherwise noted. When attending remotely, please join 10 minutes before the start of your scheduled block time to ensure you are present for the introduction and swearing-in.

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The hearing officer, having been appointed by the Board of County Commissioners as an independent referee, will conduct the hearing. No discussion of taxes will be allowed, as the subject matter of the hearings are in relation to property valuation and/or classification. The procedure for each hearing is as follows; the Assessor's Office will present their evidence and the Petitioner, the Petitioner will present their evidence, then the hearing officer will have a chance to ask questions of both parties and determine their recommendation.

All programs, services and activities of Routt County are operated in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you need a special accommodation as a result of a disability, please call the Commissioners Office at (970) 879-0108 to assure that we can meet your needs. Please notify us of your request as soon as possible prior to the scheduled event. Routt County uses the Relay Colorado service. Dial 711 or TDD (970) 870-5444.