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Courthouse Lawn

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Thank you for your interest in holding an event on the Courthouse Lawn.

Events held during regular business hours cannot block the walkways or doorways to the Courthouse.  Additionally, no music or loud-speakers are allowed during business hours (M-F/ 8-5) or after 10pm. 
A Certificate of Insurance is required if the event is open to the public, or proof thereof, for $1,000,000 of general liability coverage with Routt County named as additional insured, shall be provided by the undersigned. This should be attached to your reservation request. This Certificate may be obtained by calling the agency that provides your property casualty or homeowners insurance.

Clean Up
It is the responsibility of the event organizer to leave the courthouse lawn and surrounding area in a clean and orderly condition. The event organizer cannot use the County's dumpster and must make arrangements to have their own.
ICE CANNOT BE DUMPED ON THE GRASS! We do not allow signage tents, or anything else to be staked to the lawn in order to avoid damage to our sprinkler system. 

Event organizer must contact the City of Steamboat Springs for any event permits necessary.  The approval of the reservation doesn't automatically approve the event.

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